Announcing Our DjangoCon US 2023 Talks!

Speaker addressing a crowd at DjangoCon US 2022 in San Diego

We are delighted to present our tutorial and talk lineup!

The final talk and tutorial schedule will be announced soon. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, they’re still on sale.

Congratulations to the presenters of the tutorials and talks below!

Tutorials (Sunday, October 8)

Tutorials will only be available online due to venue availabilty limitations.

  • Dawn Wages (mastodon) - Collaborative Supercharge your Python and Django Development Environment with VS Code and Dev Containers
  • Kuldeep Pisda (twitter) - Mastering Test Driven Development in Django: A Comprehensive Guide with factory_boy and faker
  • Meagen Voss (twitter, mastodon) - Best of both worlds: Next.js ❤️ Wagtail
  • Nikolay Samokhvalov (twitter) - Seamless Postgres Query Optimization
  • Sheena O’Connell (mastodon) - Django <3 Airflow: How to use Airflow to orchestrate workflows for your Django projects
  • Stephen Mitchell - Simplify Your Stack: Django Single-Page-Apps in 2023

Talks (Monday, October 16 through Wednesday, October 18)

All talks will be available live for those with online-only tickets. They will be posted to YouTube after the conference for free.

  • Abigail Afi Gbadago (twitter) - Strategies for handling conflicts and rollbacks in Django database migrations
  • Benjamin “Zags” Zagorsky - Hosting and DevOps for Django
  • Calvin Hendryx-Parker (twitter, mastodon) - Django Unchained: Powering Energy Storage Beyond Excel
  • Charlotte Mays (mastodon) - Beyond the Basics of Migrations
  • Cheuk Ting Ho (twitter, mastodon) - Let’s build a BeeWare app that uses Django
  • Chris May (twitter, mastodon) - HTML-ivating your Django web app’s experience with HTMX, AlpineJS, and streaming HTML.
  • Daniele Procida (mastodon) - The programmer’s imagination
  • Dara Silvera - Working with Neo4j with Djando neomodel library
  • Deb Nicholson (twitter, mastodon) - Meet-ups: A Grand Vision for a Humble Endeavor
  • Denny Biasiolli (twitter, mastodon) - Django migrations, friend or foe? Optimize your Django migrations for faster testing
  • Drishti Jain (twitter) - Django’s Data Science Makeover: Integrating D3.js and Bokeh for Data Visualization
  • Eliana Rosselli - An approach to lightweight tenancy management using Django Rest Framework
  • Elizabeth Christensen (twitter) - Postgres Performance: From Slow to Pro
  • Ernesto Rico Schmidt (mastodon) - The evolution of a Django Website into a radio automation back-end
  • Felipe de Morais (twitter) - AfroPython: Using Django to change black people life in Brazil
  • Flávio Juvenal (twitter) - Mixing reliability with Celery for delicious async tasks
  • James Walters (mastodon) - What Django Deployment is Really About
  • Josh Thomas (mastodon) - Custom Model Managers and QuerySets: Graduating from Django Beginner to ORM Master
  • Marc Gibbons (mastodon) - Empathetic testing: Developing with compassion and humility.
  • Mario Munoz (twitter, mastodon) - Back to the Future of Hypermedia in Django
  • Michael Trythall (mastodon) - Managing Content with Django
  • Mike Hoolehan - Vue + Django: Combining Django Templates and Vue Single File Components without compromise
  • Mohamed ElKalioby - Passkeys on Django
  • Natalia Bidart (mastodon) - Inside Out: My Journey of Understanding Inclusion
  • PAUL GILZOW (twitter, mastodon) - Introduction to GitHub Actions: Understanding Key Terms and Building Your First GitHub Action
  • Paolo Melchiorre (twitter, mastodon) - All about
  • Pat Viafore (twitter) - BDD To The Bone: Acceptance Testing with Behave and Selenium
  • Pavel Sviridov - Decoding DDD: A Three-Tiered Approach to Django Projects
  • Philip James (mastodon) - Automate Your City Data with Python
  • Ramón Huidobro (twitter, mastodon) - There’s More to Open Source than Code
  • Richard Yen - How to Ride Elephants Safely: Working with PostgreSQL when your DBA is not around
  • Ronald Maravanyika (twitter) - One database table, one model, many behaviours: Proxy model
  • Ryan Cheley (mastodon) - Contributing to Django or how I learned to stop worrying and just try to fix an ORM Bug
  • Sage Abdullah (twitter, mastodon) - ✨ Modern editing experience for your Django models with Wagtail 🐦
  • Scott Cranfill (twitter) - Best Practices for Making a Wagtail Site as Accessible as Possible
  • Thiago Bellini Ribeiro (twitter) - Building high-performance, type-safe GraphQL APIs with Strawberry and Django
  • Thibaud Colas (twitter) - Django’s accessibility track record
  • Tobias McNulty (twitter, mastodon) - How to Schedule Tasks with Celery and Django
  • Velda Kiara (twitter) - Building Powerful APIs with Django, Django Rest Framework, and OpenAPI
  • Victor Ogunjobi (twitter) - Nothing for Us, Without Us; Breaking Unconscious Bias in Building Products
  • Wes Kendall and Maxwell Muoto (twitter) - Using database triggers to reliably track model history

Congratulations to all our speakers!

If you’d like to check out these talks and more, tickets are still on sale. Tutorials (sold separately from conference registration) are $195 each, and we will have the schedule for those up soon. We hope to see you in Durham!