Code of Conduct Transparency Report for DjangoCon US 2023

The organizers of DjangoCon US 2023 are proud to release this year’s Code of Conduct transparency report. In the event that we receive any submissions after this report is published, we will edit this post and include the time when the submission is addressed.


We received no formal complaints of Code of Conduct violations this year. However, we did hear about a joke using stereotypes that was made in conversation. While there was no formal complaint made, since no offense was taken, the Code of Conduct team did reach out to the person who made the joke. We reminded them that we have a strict no stereotyping joke policy.


We received feedback in survey results saying it may be beneficial to have specific people that attendees can report Code of Conduct violations to directly. The organizing team discussed having specific t-shirt colors or badges to represent these people during the conference. We will announce any new policies or methods for reporting when we release the CFP for 2024.

Wrap Up

Thank you for a wonderful DjangoCon US 2023!