AfroPython: Using Django to change black people life in Brazil

Oct 16 4:45 PM EDT :calendar: to 5:10 pm

About This Talk

I’m Felipe de Morais, Co-CEO and co-founder of AfroPython. In this talk, I will share the path of AfroPython in Brazil( and how the Python community was involved in growing and building this community of black people in IT. And how we became a company to help people thrive using Python.


    Photo of Felipe de Morais

    Felipe de Morais (he/him)

    Meet Felipe de Morais, also known as FeliPython, a skilled software engineer with years of experience under his belt. As a co-founder of AfroPython and open-source contributor, Felipe has made significant contributions to the Python Community, earning recognition from both the Python Software Foundation and the Brazilian Python Association. In addition to his professional career, Felipe enjoys practicing Jiu Jitsu, and his furry companion, Paçoca, named after his favorite Brazilian candy. Passionate about helping others, Felipe is always willing to lend a hand and share his expertise. Get ready to be inspired by his journey and insights at Django Con US!