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Oct 17 3:55 PM EDT :calendar: to 4:20 pm

About This Talk

The website is the showcase of the Django project and developers and users have always looked for updates on the project, documentation, and information from the Django Software Foundation.

As with its source code, the Django project site is also the result of contributions from many people who voluntarily help to keep it updated and improve it.

In this talk, we will see all the latest updates, ongoing improvements, and upcoming developments of the Django project site.

Participants will be able to learn more about the Django project site, learn more about how it is maintained and above all understand how to help improve it.


    Photo of Paolo Melchiorre

    Paolo Melchiorre (he/him)

    I’m Paolo Melchiorre, a longtime Python backend developer who contributes to the Django project and gives talks at tech conferences.

    I’ve been a GNU/Linux user for over 20 years and use and promote Free Software.

    I graduated in Software Engineering and I’m an alumnus of the University of Bologna, Italy.

    I’ve been working in the web for 15 years and now I’m the CTO of 20tab, a Pythonic software company, for which I work remotely.