Back to the Future of Hypermedia in Django

Oct 18 3:25 PM EDT :calendar: to 3:50 pm

About This Talk

“Hypermedia is your friend”, they said. “You don’t need JavaScript”, they said. “You’ll be fine…”

It’s no secret that hypermedia has been making a quiet resurgence in the web development landscape. One of the most popular toolkits in the Python space is htmx, offering a simple, declarative approach to AJAX and Server Sent Events directly from your HTML.

While this trend is taking shape in the Python ecosystem as a whole, Django goes even further, providing a maturing set of patterns, tooling, and projects that take full advantage of these new (old?) paradigms.

What are some of the ways that Django is leading the charge in making hypertext cool again? What are some examples of projects already utilizing these tools? Is this a viable approach to serious web design? And what are some of the ways that we could improve the adoption of hypermedia within Django, and Python as a whole?


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    Mario Munoz

    I code Python by night, which is what happens when there’s not enough time during the day. In the past couple of years, I’ve presented several talks/tutorials at PyCon US, DjangoCon US, Python Web Conference, and others. Sometimes I neglect/blog on my website Python By Night, and start (and abandon) too many side projects.