Beyond the Basics of Migrations

Oct 16 2:55 PM EDT :calendar: to 3:20 pm

About This Talk

This talk will go into the basic anatomy of an auto-generated migration, as well as ways to leverage migrations for more complex functionality, such as data transformation. The goal is to demystify migrations for beginners and to empower intermediate users to do more with migrations.

Provisional Outline:

  • Introduction to basic migration anatomy (~5 minutes)
  • In brief, what migrations are doing under the covers when run (1-2 minutes)
  • Editing auto-generated migrations, and what functionality is available (~5 minutes)
  • Creating a migration from scratch, with an example or two (5-8 minutes)
  • A few best practices to keep in mind (~2 minutes)
  • Remaining time for Q&A


    Photo of Charlotte Mays

    Charlotte Mays (she/her)

    Charlotte has worked with Django for several different companies, and loves the ecosystem and community that goes with it. When not writing code, she can often be found making things out of yarn or flying small airplanes.