Django migrations, friend or foe? Optimize your Django migrations for faster testing

Oct 18 10:40 AM EDT :calendar: to 11:05 am

About This Talk

Django migrations are a great tool for keeping track of changes you made to your models over time. After years of changes in a project they can become very numerous and you may notice that it takes a long time to create the test database.

squashmigrations can help you reduce an existing set of many migrations down to one (or sometimes a few), which still represent the same changes. However it has some limitations, and it could work in a way you don’t need.

Let’s inspect this command and the alternative of creating migrations “from scratch” in an existing project for improving your tests speed.

  • inspecting django migration commands
    • makemigrations
    • migrate
    • showmigrations
    • sqlmigrate
  • creating a sample project with multiple migrations
  • analyzing test performances
  • inspecting the squashmigrations command
  • squashing migrations in the sample project and comparing performances
  • not enough? Let’s try an “exotic/drastic” way to squash our migrations
  • comparing performances of the “exotic/drastic” solution

The key point of this talk is to speed up django testing in projects with many migrations


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