Inside Out: My Journey of Understanding Inclusion

Oct 18 11:10 AM EDT :calendar: to 11:55 am
Audience level: All

About This Talk

In this talk I’ll share my personal journey of understanding diversity and inclusion. Being part of a minority group, I have encountered numerous challenges, I’ve learned a lot, and made my fair share of mistakes along the way.

This presentation is an opportunity to reflect on my experiences, sharing the lessons learned and real-life stories that have shaped my view on the matter. Get ready for a captivating array of anecdotes!

I’ll openly discuss the challenges I’ve faced and the insights I’ve gained, highlighting both successes and shortcomings, always offering a perspective rather than definitive solutions or comprehensive analysis. I’ll cover topics such as tone connotations, inclusive[n|l]ess of different languages, the importance of company policies, quirks derived from cultural and social norms, and more. In the final segment of this talk, I will discuss my recent experience within the Django project and community as a whole.

This talk is not intended to provide a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather to inspire thought, reflection, and positive change. I hope to encourage open dialogue among attendees, as we explore strategies for creating a more inclusive, diverse and equitable environment.


    Photo of Natalia Bidart

    Natalia Bidart (she/her)

    Natalia is a Python expert with almost 15 years of experience working with Django. She graduated from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, with a degree in Computer Science in 2007, and began her professional career in 2005 working for a Python startup before joining Canonical in 2009.

    During her time at Canonical, Natalia spent over a decade as a senior engineer in the Online Services team, where she helped develop and maintain various backend web services, including the Ubuntu One File Sync service. Later on, she was promoted to tech lead and architect of the Snap Store.

    Natalia has been an active participant in the Python community, attending various Python related conferences over the years. She has given talks on a variety of topics, including building robust software, with a focus on software development best practices and testing. Additionally, Natalia is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and is always looking for ways to contribute to this effort. She is passionate about open source and believes that well-written code, documentation, and tests are essential to a project’s success.

    You can find Natalia on Github as nessita and on Mastodon at