✨ Modern editing experience for your Django models with Wagtail 🐦

Oct 16 5:15 PM EDT :calendar: to 5:40 pm

About This Talk

Can content management features be useful when managing arbitrary Django models?

Wagtail is an open source, Django-powered Content Management System (CMS). It is built on the concept of pages as tree-structured Django models. As a CMS, Wagtail gives you the power to save revisions, manage live/draft versions, moderate your content, live preview as you edit, and much more.

A typical Wagtail project would have your user-facing website structure be defined by the tree structure of the Page model. However, if you have an existing Django project with your own defined Django views, and you don’t want to use Wagtail’s Page model, you can still get plenty of benefits from Wagtail!

In this talk, we will learn how to benefit from powerful content-management features for your existing Django models by integrating Wagtail CMS into your project.

This talk does not require any pre-existing knowledge about Wagtail CMS, though familiarity with Django models and external apps is expected.

The talk will be structured as follows:

  • What Wagtail CMS is and how it compares with Django itself
  • Wagtail features likely relevant to many Django projects and how they work
  • How to integrate Wagtail into an existing Django project
  • How to progressively enable Wagtail’s features and use them to manage your Django models


    Photo of Sage Abdullah

    Sage Abdullah (he/him)

    I’m Sage and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    In 2019, I participated in Google Summer of Code with Django, during which I implemented the cross-database JSONField that became available in Django 3.1.

    Now, I’m based in the UK and I work at Torchbox, building new features and improvements to the Django-powered Wagtail CMS and its ecosystem.

    Outside of the Django world, I maintain my project giscus, a comment system powered by GitHub Discussions.

    You can find me @laymonage on GitHub, Twitter, and other sites. I’d love to make friends from around the world, so hit me up!