Navigating Django's Future: Djangonaut Space

Oct 17 2:05 PM EDT :calendar: to 2:50 pm

About This Talk

Embark on a voyage through Djangonaut Space, a one-of-a-kind mentorship initiative within the Django community. With a focus on collaborative learning, sustainability, and long-term growth, we invite aspiring Djangonauts to join our 8-week group mentoring program. Here, participants work at their own pace in a structured learning environment, setting the stage for future contributions and potential leadership roles within the Django community.

The mission is crystal clear: to nurture Django’s next generation of leaders, boost community sustainability, and create a more diverse and inclusive contributor base.

But does this program truly deliver on its promises? Can its unique approach effectively achieve its ambitious goals? Is it the transformative experience it professes to be? In short, will these Djangonauts reach the stars?

With the conclusion of our Pilot Program, we invite you to join us in reflecting on its inception, achievements, and its potential impact on the broader Django universe going forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the discussion and our mission to shape the future of Django together.


    Photo of Dawn Wages

    Dawn Wages

    Dawn (she/her) is the Treasurer for the PSF, Wagtail Core Team Member, Python Community Advocate at Microsoft and Django software engineer. She lives in Philadelphia, USA with her partner and three dogs watching Star Trek and noodling about inclusive tech.

    Photo of Rachell Calhoun

    Rachell Calhoun

    Rachell is a Django developer with a profound passion for creating practical, user-friendly software tools and fostering inclusivity within communities where members come away with something better.

    Currently serving as a trustee for Django Girls and an organizer for PyLadies, DjangoCon US, and Djangonaut Space, she is dedicated to empowering individuals to delve their own boundaries, and find their own way out to accomplishing their goals.

    Rachell’s advocacy for lifelong learning extends beyond technology, as she’s currently taking her chances into the world of music composition and performance.