Panel Discussion: Who put me in charge? Moving beyond day-to-day coding in Django

Oct 18 4:50 PM EDT :calendar: to 5:35 pm
Audience level: All

About This Talk

Jay Miller will host a panel discussion about career development in the Django world.

Not everyone can or wants to solely write code for the rest of their working careers, so we’ll explore other ways of advancing in your career, including ways that don’t involve traditional management roles.

We’ll discuss:

  • Broader-scale individual contributor roles, such as principal engineers
  • Running your own consultancy agency
  • Management roles, both technical and non-technical

Our panelists include (and more will be added before the session):

  • Charles Rejonis, Chief Products Officer, Wharton Research Data Services
  • Elizabeth Christensen, manager at Crunchydata
  • Frank Wiles, founder of REVSYS and former Django Software Foundation President
  • Andrew Godwin, longtime Django core contributor
  • Julia Solórzano, 2023 Keynote Speaker

You don’t have to be an experienced developer to get something out of this talk; this talk will be helpful to people starting out on their career track so they can know what might lie ahead as well as managers who want to better understand the developer career mindset.


    Photo of Jay Miller

    Jay Miller (he/them)

    Jay is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft based in San Diego, CA. As an advocate, Jay has appeared on numerous podcasts and video channels, presenting to developers around the globe!