There's More to Open Source than Code

Oct 17 3:25 PM EDT :calendar: to 3:50 pm

About This Talk

Open source software has always been about more than just code. While the technical contributions of developers are critical to the success of an open source project, there are countless other ways that people can contribute to the community. From documentation and translation to community management and design, non-code contributions are essential to building a healthy and sustainable open source ecosystem.

In this talk, we will explore the many different ways that people can contribute to open source beyond writing code. We’ll discuss the importance of diverse perspectives and skill sets in creating a thriving open source community, and provide examples of successful projects that have leveraged non-code contributions to achieve their goals. We’ll also offer practical tips and advice for those interested in getting involved in open source but who may not have coding experience.

By the end of this talk, attendees will have a deeper understanding of the many ways that they can contribute to open source, and how their unique skills and talents can help to build a stronger and more inclusive community. They will leave with a renewed sense of excitement and motivation to get involved in open source, regardless of their technical background.


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    Ramón Huidobro (he/him)

    Ramón Huidobro is a developer advocate and deved enthusiast. He thrives on lifting others up in their tech careers and loves a good CSS challenge. Always excited to talk about teaching tech, especialmente en Español, oder auf Deutsch.