Working with Neo4j with Django neomodel library

Oct 16 4:45 PM EDT :calendar: to 5:10 pm

About This Talk

My talk aims to provide a comprehensive overview of graph databases, going through the basics and fundamentals concepts.

Graph databases are used for real-time transaction applications, Metadata and Advanced Analytics, Internal Business Process, and much more! There are plenty of use cases for graph databases such as recommendation systems, customer engagement, knowledge graph for AI, and so on.

The best part is that you can visualize the data you store as nodes, and the queries you make as well, so it is easier to identify patterns and relationships within the data. This can help gain deeper insights into the data and make more informed decisions based on your findings.

Also, the attendees will see how it can work with Django, using neomodel as an interface to communicate with Neo4j.

Last but not least, we will dive into some of the graph algorithms, to take advantage of this kind of database and explore possibilities.

This is an entry-level talk for people interested in databases. Basic database knowledge is recommended.

We’ll cover: What is a graph database with Neo4j Possible use cases Differences between queries with Sql and Cypher language How to transform a relational database into a non-relational database A use case with Formula 1, using Django neomodel library, showing the graph data model, the graph that built and some interesting queries


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    Dara Silvera

    Dara is a computer Engineer with 2+ years of experience as Full Stack Developer, working with technologies such as Python, Django, ReactJS, React Native, Docker, etc.