Contributing to Django or how I learned to stop worrying and just try to fix an ORM Bug

Oct 16 11:10 AM EDT :calendar: to 11:55 am

About This Talk

We’ll start with my experience at DjangoCon US 2022 and the work I did while at the sprints on an ORM related bug. Then we’ll walk through the process I went through as I realized that the bug I thought could be closed was actually still a bug and needed to be fixed. I’ll talk about the process I used to work on the bug and the great support I got from the community (both in person at Django Con US and online afterward).

By the end of this talk you’ll realize that while the Django ORM can seem big and scary, and you may be hesitant to try and tackle a bug or other issue related to it, at the end of the day, it’s just Python.

Key take aways:

  • using public notes as a way to track your learning and progress on (any) issue
  • getting comfortable with the idea of becoming the world’s foremost expert on an issue
  • getting stuck is OK because the Django community is amazing and supportive and wants to see you succeed in fixing this bug


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    Ryan Cheley (he/him)

    Ryan Cheley is a Health IT Leader with nearly 15 years of experience implementing Enterprise EHRs, Web, and Data solutions. He works to build solutions that scale with technology and people.